A Distorted Perspective

(co-written with Eleni)

Tell my why…

                Society says “Embrace your flaws” and “Your imperfections make you beautiful”

Society’s mantras are beautiful  lies that bring up the hopes of  imperfect people

but the same society tends to favour those that are the most fit, the most beautiful

 Society doesn’t accept that diversity, difference, is all natural

  To be frank, I think both ideas, motivational or not are bullshit.

 Living life being torn down makes you forget that survival is your mission

“Embrace your flaws” is a seemingly good message but has brainwashed  our minds

“Embrace your flaws” is a constant reminder that my flaws are not what people want to find

 into thinking  that  things like having acne or not having a thigh gap mean something’s not right.

When did judging somebody’s body like a gymnastics routine become alright?

They are not. They are natural and it should not need to be said to embrace characteristics

With society’s logic, the vast majority of girls,  are by birthright misfits

society told us weren’t perfect based on their definitions on what perfect means.

Unrealistic body images, shoved down the throats of teens

Magazines are covered with thin women and figures that for some, are impossible to achieve.

Painful expectations ending in cuts hidden under long sleeves

  Childhood characters like Dora, who once wore long shorts and a tshirt and rocked a chubby figure,

The child like innocence, ignorance, is too early lost

 Now have been slimmed down and made more feminine to fit today’s standards.

Even those who support these judgements never have the answers

Society is a hypocrite unable to decide unable to decide what it favours best.

 Society is the hurt, the aching pain, deep in my chest

I am force fed sugary words like candy only to realize how many lies are lurking  behind them.

Empty calories distorting my perspective even further


tell me why…

I need to know why

         I’m living in a world where adolescent girls were more fearful of gaining weight than getting cancer, nuclear war or losing their parents?

A world where self hate, self hurt, is all girls inheritance.

and tell me…

please tell me

How do I fix it…

How do I end it…


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