natt’s current favorites!

Hey there! It’s Natt and as a total music nerd, I’m here to share what I’m currently listening to. Here they are. Please enjoy:

Since it’s towards the end of the school year and into summer break, I’m currently jamming on a lot of indie upbeat music with the slight hint of nostalgia to get all the feels out. I find a lot of these songs through Discover Weekly on Spotify (follow me @ngualdron20) and weirdly enough they know just what I like.

  1. Day in June by Kid Astray
    • I immediately liked the synthesized pop vibe the song gave off and it fits in well with the approaching summer. I’ve listened to their other songs and they’re worth checking out, but this one’s my faveeeeeeee.
  2. Zoom by Last Dinosaurs
    • “It’s like a tone down version of Day in June” -Olly. I like this song for its electric guitar background. The lyrics are pretty catchy and I find myself humming it throughout the day. “Nice and mellow”- Olly.
  3. T-Shirt Weather by Circa Vibes
    • Continuing with the summer vibe, T-Shirt Weather fits right in with its upbeat pick up that makes you want to dance around and soak in the sun! “It reminds me of July, like the 4th of July.” -Olly
  4. Reckless Serenade by Arctic Monkeys
    1. From one of my favorite bands, this is “the chillest of the bunch”-Olly. I first heard this song in a vine about a road trip au and I thought it fit right in. It has the same indie feel as the other songs, but is a very laid back for those lazy days.
  5. Finding Something To Do by HelloGoodbye
    • Last but not least, I like the very upbeat and slightly chill vibe this song gives off. It would definitely be on my road trip playlist (if I went on road trips)  and makes me want to get on the next train to very far away.

That’s it for now. Thanks to Olly for putting up with me through this and see you next time, maybe.


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