Black & Beautiful

Author: One of the most talented writers I know, Ify Ogbue

Black and beautiful

is my motto for life,

free from all 

the pain and strife.

Got curly hair

I don’t care.

Eyes twinkling like stars,

so you better beware.

Skin dark as ebony.

Boys wanna get with me.

Ha, I don’t think so!

All this beauty ain’t for show.

I’m a brown skinned movement,

not just for improvement.

Dark, yet bright

Shining just like the night.

Cocoa or tan,

I just love the way I am.

Mahogany or Jet-black,

Can all of you get with that?

So all you haters,

say what you say.

I’m as beautiful as a diamond

and going my own way.

This brown eyed beauty

is here to stay.



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